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More Than Just Making Money: The Mindset and Philosophy of New Money Millionaires

Are you tired of the “retire at age 67” approach to financial freedom, but don’t quite like the idea of penny pinching and slowly saving your way there either? Join the club, you're not alone. Here at Kālā Capital, we call this unique group of money makers– those who are not willing to settle for a one or the other scenario– "New Money Millionaires”. They are a blend of old-school philosophies with modern-day money beliefs that create a unique and uplifting approach to personal finance.

So what sets a New Money Millionaire apart from a traditional millionaire? It’s not actually having a million dollar net worth, but comes down to their relationship with money and approach to both making and keeping it. While the previous generation believed in penny pinching and coupon clipping their way to retirement, New Money Millionaires take a different approach. They don't believe in limiting themselves to traditional career paths or relying on a single source of income. Instead, they explore creative avenues for generating income and typically gravitate more towards entrepreneurship and investing. To them, money is something easy to make, but they aren’t naïve enough to think that means they can spend frivolously without saving and investing in their futures.

Their aim is to clearly understand their life’s highest priorities so they can find the perfect balance between what they make, spend and keep. By utilizing modern tools, technologies, and resources available they can create a high income that supports their ideal lifestyle, without sacrificing the success of their future and lifetime financial independence.

New Money Millionaires are practical and have the ability to think long-term (in decades). They would rather learn from others’ mistakes than their own. They understand that financial security allows them to contribute more, do more, and experience more. They take calculated risks, believe in themselves and invest in opportunities that have the potential for long-term growth.

Our tribe of New Money Millionaires understand that their money decisions affect more than just themselves. They're mindful of their impact on the people around them and on the world at large. They're generous with their wealth and use it to create positive change in their communities and the world.

Being a New Money Millionaire combines time tested money philosophies with a more modern approach to building wealth. It's about enjoying life today while still securing the financial future of tomorrow. It’s about knowing that it’s okay to take that dream trip now, instead of waiting until retirement, because tomorrow is not promised and retirement is already being strategically planned for. It's about believing that money is abundant and it’s our responsibility to create our own abundance through long-term thinking, calculated risks, and meaningful action. After all, it's about being mindful of the impact money can have in our lives and using our money as a tool to create positive change in the world.

At Kālā Capital Partners, it’s this group of New Money Millionaires we are called to serve and support. We believe you can and deserve to have the best of both worlds: enjoying the fruits of your labor today while still securing your financial future tomorrow. It’s a mindset rooted in abundance, long-term thinking, intentional action and extreme ownership.

Do you want to join this rapidly growing movement? If so, join the countless others who are adopting this New Money Millionaire mindset and schedule a time to discuss how we can support you.

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