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Our Founding Story + Organizational Purpose

Our story begins on the island of Oahu at the intersection of two core epiphanies. After six years of working with individuals and families as their trusted financial advisor, Ethan Ho, the CEO and Founder of Kālā Capital began to notice common and recurring money problems both within the financial service industry and on the individual level. He recognized that many old money principles and frameworks adopted by past generations no longer serve the next generation of money makers. He realized that for real and generational change to take place in our communities, there needs to be a fundamental shift in how financial services are delivered. These epiphanies are what seeded the start of Kālā Capital.

The name Kālā Capital (Kālā Pronounced Kaw-law) pays tribute to our roots and deep love for the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii's environment is magical, beautiful, calm, peaceful and full of abundance. It’s nearly impossible to feel stressed when you are watching the sunset, drink in hand and toes in the sand with the gentle sound of waves crashing in the background. We aim to instill the same sense of peace and calm in our clients' relationship to money that Hawaii’s environment has bred in the founding team.


While the Ancient Hawaiians didn’t have a formal form of currency, Kālā is modernly equated to money or wealth, but it’s a word that can be interpreted in many different ways. We believe it’s important to embrace the multiple meanings of Kālā, but it all boils down to the fact that your potential is limitless and that everything is possible with proper planning, applied knowledge, and consistent dedication to your goals.


Kālā Capital was founded to provide approachable and accessible financial advice and education without the stuffy uptightness that is typically associated with the financial services industry. We’re deeply dedicated to the art of financial planning and work with our clients to develop customized solutions that do right by them and their families.


It's our true belief that every individual should have the chance to be successful, and with the proper tools and the right coach, your wildest dreams can become a reality. Kālā Capital’s team of financial advisors, coaches, and wealth managers aims to help our tribe of New Money Millionaires arrive at their destination of financial success quickly and efficiently by providing the tools, tactics, and education to boost self-confidence and inspire a level of clarity that is sure to drive results.

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