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The New Money Millionaire Education Program

Kālā Foundations is a financial education and literacy program designed to shorten the time it takes for you to achieve your financial dreams by increasing your financial decision-making skill set, uncovering opportunities, and avoiding major money blind spots. Put your money to work for you by investing in your knowledge and skills! 


This robust education and money management program gives you the knowledge and power to have it all when it comes to designing your dream lifestyle. Learn how to go from new money rich to new money wealthy with our five pillars of financial success framework.

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New Money Millionaire Education Program Overview

Perfect for students wanting to get ahead of the curve or individuals who are just starting their first adult job. If you want to be “smart” with your money, but are unsure where to start, our educational resources are just what you need! 


  • Instant Access to Over 60 Hours of Financial Literacy e-learning to empower you to make educated financial decisions for you and your family.

  • 9 New Money Mastery Video Lessons with CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, Ethan Ho to shift your money mindset, discover potential money blindspots, and develop your clear, simple plan of action.

  • One Live 1-on-1 Financial Success Call to talk about your specific concerns and future plans.

  • Over 114 Hands-On, Easy-To-Follow Worksheets and Money Mastery Exercises to help you build self-awareness and guide yourself toward your long-term financial goals.

Activities Included

  • A Digital Millionaire Spending Guide to afford your most abundant lifestyle, invest cash into wealth and contribute to what matters most to you.

  • New Money Goal Setting worksheet to create financial goals you actually are excited to achieve. 

  • New Money Millionaire Case Studies to walk you through the roadmap of going from cash overflow into long-term financial wealth.

  • How to make your Ferrari work for you. “Lease vs Buy” car investment analysis. 

  • Identify how much that penthouse or beach mansion actually cost. Use the “Housing Budget” to plan for the true costs of homeownership.

  • Identify trustworthy tenants so you can strategically and confidently increase your investment property's income streams. “Will You Rent To Me” analysis. 

  • Get the most bank for your buck. Use the “Selecting A Financial Institution” activity to bank with confidence.

  • New money needs to protect their wealth. Use the “Risk Management Assessment” to identify your biggest financial threats.

  • Use new money “Personal Risk Assessment” to identify if you have adequate coverage protecting your hard-earned assets.  

  • Go from new money rich to old money wealthy by identifying and locking in your ideal investment strategy and exit plan with our simple worksheet.

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