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What's Wealth Management?

Money is simply a tool to help achieve life’s highest priorities. At Kālā Capital, we are all about buying back time and increasing your freedom to choose. Our wealth management service is designed to help clients focus on what matters most. 

Whether you want to spend more time with family, work on a business, pursue your passions, or just kick your feet up and relax – follow your heart's desire without having to worry about strategically managing your investments or keeping up with the financial markets. If done-for-you wealth management sounds like a good fit, take a look at our Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to see if our philosophies align.

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Wealth Management Services Package Overview

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Wealth Management
  • Full Access to the Industry-Leading, Powerful, and Intuitive, Financial Planning Software, RightCapital that puts you in the driver's seat while managing your personal finances.

  • Done-for-you Investment Manager Selection because doing due diligence is important and you should be confident in whom you entrust with your money.

  • Done-for-you Asset Allocation because there is no single investment principle that has a bigger impact on a portfolio’s performance. Getting this wrong can be a costly mistake!

  • Done-for-you Reallocation because we value a forward-thinking approach to investing and attempt to capitalize on global innovations.

  • Done-for-you Rebalancing because maintaining a balanced investment approach is not a set it and forget it kind of task.

  • Done-for-you Portfolio Management because finding the strategic balance between investment tactics and philosophies is as much an art form as a science.

  • Annual Review Meetings to connect your long-term vision with your investment portfolio and objectives.

  • Direct Access to Our Team so that when questions or concerns arise, you know exactly whom to call.

  • Customized Performance Reporting so you know exactly how your investments are performing.

  • Done-for-you Quarterly Economic Analysis Videos to keep you in the know.

  • Mobile App via Charles Schwab for easy on-the-go access to your investment portfolio.

Investment Objectives

  • Obtain the best net-of-fee, risk-adjusted, rate of return with respect to the benchmark.

  • Minimize investment risk while maximizing returns.

  • Manage volatility and control market risks.

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our social media channels.

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