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Don't Let Missed Opportunities Be Your Biggest Regrets or Most Costly Mistakes 

Join Me For a Free Masterclass
Save Time, Money and Financial Stress 

Learn The Five Key Factors That Drive Financial Freedom  

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Break Free From Your Business or Day Job Without Risking Everything 

Uncover Common Myths Holding People Back From Taping Into Their Full Financial Potential... I'll be covering:

 🗸 How To Retire With a Doctor's Income On a Teacher's Salary 

 🗸 Why Losing Money Investing Should NOT Be a Concern

🗸 How To Begin Investing To Maximize Your R.O.I (Return On Investment)

Note from Ethan, Your Host & Founder of Kala Capital 

For the past 10 years I have been teaching money management, personal finance, investing and long-term financial planning. It is my passion…


I have had the honor and privilege of working with 100s of wealthy and successful individuals, plus many high achievers as they get started on their wealth building journey.


What I learned through these interactions is what inspired me to host this free master class.


It’s too often I see blind spots, misconceptions, and irrational fears holding people back from realizing their full financial potential.


This needs to change!


If you are a procrastinator…


If you have ever felt like you don’t make enough or have enough money to qualify for professional advice… 


If you don’t know where to start or who to trust when it comes to your money…


If you have ever met with a financial advisor and felt either belittled or pressured to buy a specific product…


If you want financial freedom, control and autonomy…


Then I made this master class just for you!


Join me as I condense 10 years of experience into 45 mins of no nonsense, impactful and lucrative money management lessons we all should have been taught in school, but weren't.     

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Join us for one of our free live events to learn more about how we can help you and start planning for your financial future today!

Here Are What Some of Our Client's Have to Say...

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“Financial literacy and understanding of how that works is not my forte. In college I did Liberal arts and Anthropology and Geology so it’s not something that I was 1) interested in and 2) have the knowledge of how to do this right the first time. Ethan understood where I was at. He could see very clearly where I wanted to go, probably more so than what I see clearly in terms of the paths I could take. I decided ‘Ok I can either take action now and see results sooner or I can wait, and put it off.’  So I said ‘Alright I’m going to do this’ and I’m glad I did.”

Brittany _ Shaw 2.HEIC

Shaw & Brittany

I trust him to no end as he has never steered me astray. His coaching on budgeting, goal setting, mindset and overall fiscal responsibility has been a key factor in setting my wife and I in a direction we feel confident in, not only in the long run but in the immediate future as well. My career as a coach in athletics has taught me that the best coaches are those who can see farther than their players based on experience and a deep understanding of the sport they coach. To me, this sums up Ethan as a financial coach and I only hope that everyone is fortunate enough to have that in their life.”

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“Ethan was very easy to work with and it was very easy to open up to him about finances, my strengths and weaknesses. A lot of times I’ve had friends that I talked to that said it was hard to connect with their financial advisor or they feel intimidated by them or it’s hard to be open and honest about everything. I will say that it has never been the issue with Ethan. If anything, he’s been very receptive and open, and it’s easy to be transparent with him because he gets it.”

Testimonials were given by current and past Advisory clients. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided directly or indirectly for the testimonial.

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