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Time Is Money

Updated: May 16, 2022

You can always make more money, but you'll never be able to get back your time, so it pays to spend it wisely.

Money is an integral aspect of life on planet earth, so it’s commonly considered the most important part of our lives. We’re taught to chase money to achieve success with very little consideration of the time investment required to acquire those dollars. However, money is merely a tool we can leverage to buy-back our most valuable resource in life: time.

Ultimately, time affluence – the ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it – is the true measure of wealth. It allows you to invest your time and energy into the truly important things in life, like developing strong relationships with your friends and family. Whether you’re making good money or lacking cash liquidity, odds are good that you’re short on time, and that often leads to constantly feeling stressed and distracted in your life.

Imagine you’re surfing. You’re riding the wave, and life is good as you flow with any changes or challenges that come your way. Then all of a sudden, you wipe out and the rip tide holds you underwater for what seems like an eternity. As you struggle to get your head above water, fighting for your life, the only thing you can think about is taking a deep breath of fresh air. You’re no longer enjoying the ride, you’re struggling to survive. And the same is true when you’re lacking time or money in your life.

Can you relate? If so, you’re in luck! At Kālā Capital, our mission is to equip you with the tools, resources, and support systems necessary for you to step into your true wealth. Whether you are just starting your financial literacy journey or well on your way to financial freedom, we can help you to achieve the level of autonomy, control, and independence that you desire.

The New Money Millionaire Mindset

You might be surprised to find out that simply shifting your perspective and adopting a new mindset – The New Money Millionaire Mindset – is the key to wealth creation. All too often, we allow our limiting beliefs to stand in the way of achieving our dreams and goals in life, but the reality is that you have unlimited potential. You just have to believe that regardless of your circumstances, you are worthy and you can do anything that you set your mind to.

Perhaps you don’t feel like you have the right pedigree to be successful, or that you don't have the time or money required to achieve financial freedom. But that’s a victim mindset because you don't need any special qualifications to acquire wealth. In fact, a quick google search will reveal that a majority of the wealthiest people in the world are self-made.

That's right. They started with nothing and rose like a phoenix through the financial hierarchy. No handouts, no freebies, no nothing. Just an unwavering belief in themselves and a strong work ethic. They worked hard, failed forward, and ultimately won in the game of life.

You might think they were destined for success or just got lucky, but really they just made an undebatable choice, an irreversible decision. They chose to learn and implement skills that separate themselves from the masses and achieve the life of their dreams.

Now the question is, will you choose to be a winner? Will you choose a life of financial independence?

The New Money Millionaire program lays out the knowledge and systems it takes to be financially free, but it is your choice if you want to learn and implement the priceless lessons found in this program.

Financial Freedom is Yours for the Taking

It’s true, wealth creation and financial freedom is a foreign concept to most people because very few of us are fortunate enough to know someone who has achieved that level of success. And if you are lucky enough to know someone who has accumulated true wealth, you rarely have the opportunity to spend enough quality time with that person to understand how they did it.

Honestly, most people don’t think they can even achieve the necessary level of wealth it takes to retire early. Mainly because they have a very inaccurate perception of what it takes to never have to work again, and they weren’t raised in an environment that made them believe that financial freedom is even possible.

So we created The New Money Millionaire program with one goal in mind: to help you shift your mindset from CAN NOT to CAN. All great journeys and actions begin with a thought. Then that thought leads to action, and action leads to results. The time is now to start taking actionable steps to achieving your dreams.

The Recipe for Success: Dream Big

Speaking of dreams and goals – Have you ever really defined what financial success looks like to you and your family?

Have you gone deep and asked yourself profound questions like: What do I want out of life? What brings me joy and happiness? What do I have to work with? How much time, income, assets and resources can I leverage? Will it be enough? Can I do more? Should I do more?

What will it take? What’s the next small step that will move me closer to my end destination? How do I build wealth? How can I retire early?

As you can probably tell by now, we’ve had the privilege of working with thousands of families to help them identify their why, what, how, and how much. Through these interactions we’ve observed interesting human traits that can amplify success and significance which leads to greater satisfaction and happiness in life.

Sure, they might be aware of the latest money management tips and economic trends, but wealth creation requires more than just knowledge, it demands an abundance (millionaire) mindset. People that possess these characteristics seem to attract money like an ice cream truck on a hot summer day. Wherever they go, their positive attitude pulls in opportunity like a magnet.

The Ingredients for Success

Would you like to know the ingredients required to achieve that level of success and financial independence?

It is a healthy dose of fear, confidence, and coachability. Being fearful that you won't live up to your full potential leads to an insatiable hunger and drive to improve. But at the same time, you need to have a high level of confidence to handle whatever life throws your way, knowing that you can overcome any obstacle in your path. You have to adamantly believe in yourself and that you can do hard things, just as you’ve done in the past.

Finally, and most importantly, you need to maintain humility. Regardless of the level of success you achieve, it’s critical to submit yourself to continuous coaching and improvement. Of course, you want to ensure your mentor is qualified to lead you – that they’re living the life you want for yourself. And when you find that coach and mentor, actively pursue them and ask for their help, then eagerly apply the wisdom and recommendations you receive.

It Starts with a Simple Decision

Is this you? Do you know deep down that you’re destined for greatness? That you’re capable of so much more? Are you afraid of not tapping into your full potential? Confident that you have the ability to massively impact the world around you and the people you love? Humble enough to learn from subject matter experts and apply the coaching they give you?

If so, we invite you to begin increasing your financial IQ and planning for your own success with our New Money Millionaire program. This is a huge opportunity to learn how the wealthy manage their money.

We’re handing over the keys to the safe, the question is... Are you willing to use them?

If you choose to, you can do this, the power is yours. We believe in you, and we’re here to help!

Enroll today at!

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