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Mastering Your Personal Finances: A Lesson from Hiring a Social Media Manager

Today, I want to share a journey we've embarked on recently, one that's already yielding exciting results and valuable lessons. This week, we're in the final stages of hiring a Social Media Manager to help us connect, educate, and inspire you, our cherished clients and audience, more efficiently. It's a step I believe aligns with a core principle here of treating personal finances like a business, I'll explain why.

We started our hiring process with high expectations, knowing the importance of finding the perfect candidate. Over 100 applications poured in, but we understood that hiring wasn't just about skills; it was about passion, commitment, and alignment with our mission. So, we introduced a project-based skills assessment, which allowed us to evaluate candidates not only on their abilities but also on their ability to follow instructions and meet deadlines.

Out of 100 applications, only 26 took the challenge. Of those, 18 stepped forward to submit projects and schedule interviews. Eventually, 15 scheduled interviews, 11 completed the projects, and 6 showed up for interviews. Now, we stand with three promising potential hires.

This hiring process got me thinking about the power of a great team. At Kālā Capital, we've always believed in the value of having key team members to support our mission. Just like we're about to welcome a Social Media Manager to amplify our message and connection, we also maintain a close relationship with a seasoned Investment Advisor, Carl Choy.

Our quarterly meetings with Carl, who boasts over 30 years of experience in managing over a billion dollars of assets for his high net worth clientele, have proven invaluable. Carl's wisdom extends far beyond numbers; he provides invaluable insights into the intricacies of global markets, helping us make well-informed decisions to weather any economic storm. His guidance has saved us from potential pitfalls and ensured our clients receive the best possible results.

But what truly makes this partnership special is the fusion of Carl's seasoned expertise with our fresh perspective. As the digital landscape evolves at a breathtaking pace and the next generation's money mindset takes shape, Kālā Capital stands as a bridge between the time-tested principles of financial wisdom and the innovative opportunities of our rapidly changing world. Carl's willingness to mentor my team and me further cements Kala Capital as a unique and valuable asset for ambitious professionals and individuals determined to achieve their financial goals.

Now, let's draw the connection between our experiences and your personal finances. Just as we've sought out the right individuals to bolster our team, you should consider assembling a team of experts to support your financial journey. Start by identifying your needs well in advance, before they become urgent. Reach out to your network, friends, and family for referrals.

Interview and speak with multiple individuals, assessing their trustworthiness, competency, and likability. Treat your search for financial experts with the same diligence you'd apply to hiring a key team member in your business. Having the right people in your corner can help you avoid costly mistakes and make smarter decisions.

It's clear to me that there's a significant overlap between managing a business and managing one’s personal finances. Both require careful planning, a commitment to finding and nurturing valuable team members, and the wisdom to learn from experienced mentors.

As we move forward with our new Social Media Manager, we're excited to share more valuable lessons, insights, and updates with you, our wonderful community. Together, we'll continue on the path to financial mastery.

Thank you for being part of Kala Capital’s community, where we believe that mastering the business of personal finance is within everyone's reach.


Ethan Ho,

P.S. If you're ready to explore the world of financial experts, reach out to us for guidance and recommendations. We're here to support you on your journey to financial success!

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