• Instant access to over 60 hours of New Money Principles e-learning course to manage your cash flow turning cash into wealth. (Value $1,297)
  • (6) 90 minute New Money Mastery Live Calls with Certified Financial Planner, Ethan Ho, to change your money mindset, shift your relationship to wealth and master long - term investments. 
  • Go digital, instant access to Right Capital Planning Software to give you the freedom and control over your spending, investments and future forecasting. ($1,500 Value)
  • 1 -on - 1 New Money Millionaire Financial Success Milestone call with Ethan ( only for first 10 registered attendees) to discover and apply New Money Tactics customized to you
  • Never feel “bad” with money again. Over 114 hands on easy to follow worksheets, money mastery exercises and money hacks to support you in your long - term financial goals. 
  • A Digital Millionaire Spending Guide to afford your most abundant lifestyle, invest cash into wealth and contribute to what matters most to you.
  • New Money Goal Setting worksheet to create financial goals you actually are excited to achieve. 
  • New Money Millionaire Case Studies to walk you through the roadmap of going from cash overflow into financial long term wealth. ($299)
  • How to make your Ferrari work for you. “Lease vs Buy” car investment analysis. 
  • Identify how much that penthouse or beach mansion actually cost. Use the “housing budget” to plan for the true costs of homeownership.
  • Identify trustworthy tennents so you can strategically and confidently increase your investment properties income streams. “Will you rent to me” analysis
  • Get the most bank for your buck. Use the “selecting a financial institution” activity to bank with confidence. 
  • New money needs to protect their wealth. Use the “risk management assessment” to identify your biggest financial threats. 
  • Use new money “Personal Risk Assessment” to Identify if you have adequate coverage protecting your hard earned assets.  
  • Go from new money rich to new money wealthy by identifying and locking in your ideal investment strategy and exit plan with our simple worksheet.

New Money Millionaire Education Program