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Kālā Capital's First In-Person Event: A Journey of Connection and Financial Empowerment

From the inception of Kālā Capital amidst the isolation of COVID, to the nurturing growth of our virtual presence, our journey has been one of resilience, innovation, and deep commitment to financial empowerment through community. Our path has not just been about numbers and strategies; it's a story of connection, learning, and community building. As we emerge into the realm of in-person gatherings, we are thrilled to invite you to a landmark moment in our firm's story—an exclusive Money Mastermind event, the very first that we're hosting live.

The Story Behind Our Event

Kālā Capital’s passion for financial planning is matched by our love for connecting with people directly. There's an undeniable magic in the energy of a live audience, in the shared moments of realization and inspiration. Though Kālā Capital was born in a time when physical distancing was the norm, the dream of bringing our community together, face-to-face, has always been alive in our heart.

As the world gradually opened up we were excited about the idea of hosting an in-person event, but with the demands of a growing business and the arrival of Ethan’s daughter, Velzy, the idea of hosting an in-person event felt daunting. 

Yet, in regular conversations Ethan was having with fellow business owners—many who appeared successful on the surface—there was a common thread… beneath the veneer of success, financial challenges loomed large. It became clear that now, more than ever, was the time to bring our community together. Not just for networking, but for real, tangible connection with the purpose of  financial growth and learning.

This Saturday, March 16th, from 6:00pm to 8:00pm HST, marks a pivotal moment: our first in-person Money Mastermind hosted by Kālā Capital. For us, this is more than an event; it's a celebration of our collective journey, a step towards bridging connections, and a deep dive into the financial wisdom that can transform lives.

Why This Event Matters

This Money Mastermind is the culmination of lessons learned, from both our firm's own experiences and those shared by many of our clients. It's about adding real value with the goal of showing people how to boost their net worth by $10,000+ this year without having to make more money. 

We will be covering:

  • Tax Optimization Strategies: Leveraging my journey from overpaying taxes to becoming a proactive planner.

  • Tax-Efficient Investment Vehicles: How turning tax savings into growth can be a game-changer for your financial future.

  • Avoiding Costly Money Mistakes: Learning from the pitfalls that catch many unaware, protecting your hard-earned wealth.

Designed for entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone navigating the complexities of financial planning while being self-employed. 

A Personal Invitation to Join Us

In extending this invitation, I'm not just asking you to attend an event. I'm inviting you to be part of a milestone in Kala Capital's story, to engage in a shared experience of growth and empowerment. While we're also offering a Zoom option, we think the in-person experience promises an unparalleled level of interaction, learning, and personal connection.

A Note to Our Kālā Capital Family & Clients

Space is intentionally limited to ensure a focused and valuable experience for new attendees. With only 17 spots available, we encourage you, our current Kālā Capital clients, who already benefit from personalized financial strategies, to consider passing their invitation to a friend or colleague. This event is an opportunity for those not yet familiar with the depth of advice and planning we offer.

Your financial journey with us is ongoing and comprehensive. If you have new questions or need further assistance, we're here to dive deeper whenever you're ready. Sharing your invite is a chance to extend the gift of financial insight and empowerment to someone who can benefit from this foundational event.

As an exclusive community member of Kālā Capital you may use (or share) the promo code “KCP” for free access. 

Register now to be part of this milestone event (details in event link)!

To your success and beyond,

The Kālā Capital Team

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