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In A Few Simple Exercises Discover How You Can Begin To Build Long-Term Wealth 

STOP Wasting YOUR Money On Things YOU Don't Value. Start By Paying Yourself First...This Training WILL Help

Let's Build The Foundation To Your Financial Freedom Together!

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Exercise #1: “Monthly Spending Plan” fillable PDF so you only spend your money on what truly matters to you

Exercise  #2: One page “Financial Plan Summary” fillable PDF so you can organize, measure and track your financial vitals

Tutorial video #1: How To Use Your Spending Plan 

Tutorial video #2: How To Use Your One Pager 

Bonus: Example of PDFs in action  

"It's not about how much you make, but what you keep, grow and leverage." 

Brought to you by Ethan Ho, CFP®

Born and raised on Oahu, Ethan grew up with a passion for business and an immense interest in the subject of money. He graduated from Punahou School on Oahu and went on to Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business in New York City and London, where he gained a deeper understanding of his passions for money, entrepreneurship, and marketing.


With over nine years of client-facing industry experience and the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ certificate, Ethan has a deep understanding of personal finance and what it takes for people to achieve their goals.


As an Eagle Scout, Ethan has adopted the same scouting mottos and principles into his business practices. These guiding principles are the foundation he leans on while building trust and demonstrating his competency as an advisor. When Ethan is not working you can find him surfing ocean swells, diving for seashells with his partner, Marissa, playing fetch or hiking with his dog, Luna, and practicing the martial art of Jiu-Jitsu.

Here Are What Some of Our Client's Have to Say...

Shannon Headshot 1.HEIC


“Ethan Ho has done an outstanding job at helping me get on the right track financially. By taking the time to learn about my lifestyle and goals he helped me create a personalized budget to save money while still being able to have have fun and travel. This has helped me manage my priorities and has allowed me to do the things which truly make me happy. He educated me about different options when refinancing. This allowed me to make smart decisions as I refinanced my student loans which will save me a ton of money in the end. This has all lead me to a more clear and positive mindset when thinking about my money!”

Jonathan Tallman  2.png


“Kālā Capital has turned my life around. Before meeting Ethan, I was living paycheck to paycheck, maxed out all of my revolving debt, was taking out personal loans to pay for basic necessities like my mortgage and groceries. After our first discussion, Ethan broke down his money management and investment philosophy and if I am being honest....I was skeptical. I didn't want another person to tell me what I could and couldn't do with my money. But this was nothing like that. He made me feel confident and comfortable about getting my finances in order and I swear by it....BEST DECISION I EVER MADE. Thank you Ethan and Kālā Capital!!”

Aaliyah Headshot.png


“There are not enough words to describe how appreciative I am to have Ethan as a financial coach. I was living the dream in Hawaii with ZERO cares in the world. I knew I needed to buckle down because I was making decent money with nothing to show for it. Ethan sat me down for a few informative meetings where he got to understand me, my goals, and my lifestyle. Within two years I was able to reach my financial goals, which I never dreamt to be possible especially in that short amount of time. We were aggressive but with the right mindset, anything was possible. And the greatest part of it all - Ethan made it fun!”

Danielle Headshot.png


"It’s been really transformative working with you because now I feel so much more confident and [. . .] I love that I’m way more involved with (my money) and it’s cool to be a part of your own growth."

Eddy _ Shelly.jpg

Eddie & Shelly

"Working with Ethan was one of the best decisions of my life. This home wouldn't have been possible if it wasn't for Kālā Capital and the things they've done for us!"

Molly Headshot.jpg


“I was blown away by their generosity in time and resources as well as their heart and passion for helping people grow in their financial health. Their financial foundations program was amazing; in-depth but simple to navigate and understand.”

Chelsea Picture.jpeg


“Financial literacy and understanding of how that works is not my forte. In college I did Liberal arts and Anthropology and Geology so it’s not something that I was 1) interested in and 2) have the knowledge of how to do this right the first time. Ethan understood where I was at. He could see very clearly where I wanted to go, probably more so than what I see clearly in terms of the paths I could take. I decided ‘Ok I can either take action now and see results sooner or I can wait, and put it off.’  So I said ‘Alright I’m going to do this’ and I’m glad I did.”

Brittany _ Shaw 2.HEIC

Shaw & Brittany

I trust him to no end as he has never steered me astray. His coaching on budgeting, goal setting, mindset and overall fiscal responsibility has been a key factor in setting my wife and I in a direction we feel confident in, not only in the long run but in the immediate future as well. My career as a coach in athletics has taught me that the best coaches are those who can see farther than their players based on experience and a deep understanding of the sport they coach. To me, this sums up Ethan as a financial coach and I only hope that everyone is fortunate enough to have that in their life.”

Angus Headshot 1.png


“Ethan was very easy to work with and it was very easy to open up to him about finances, my strengths and weaknesses. A lot of times I’ve had friends that I talked to that said it was hard to connect with their financial advisor or they feel intimidated by them or it’s hard to be open and honest about everything. I will say that it has never been the issue with Ethan. If anything, he’s been very receptive and open, and it’s easy to be transparent with him because he gets it.”

Testimonials were given by current and past Advisory clients. No cash or non-cash compensation was provided directly or indirectly for the testimonial.

Kālā Capital Partners, LLC is a Registered Investment Adviser. Advisory services are only offered to clients or prospective clients where Kālā Capital Partners, LLC and its representatives are properly licensed or exempt from licensure.  This website is solely for informational purposes.  Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal capital. No advice may be rendered by Kālā Capital Partners, LLC unless a client service agreement is in place.  

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